What a Difference a Plate Makes

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Celebrate with MyPlate!

MyPlate's birthday is June 2. How will you celebrate? Today we're going to look at some fun features of MyPlate...

MyPlate Food Groups

You probably know by now that MyPlate's main website is www.choosemyplate.gov. This site is chock-full of useful resources for everything from weight management to calorie balance to physical activity guidelines. If you want to really focus on the food groups, visit www.choosemyplate.gov/food-groups. That was easy, right? How does your plate compare to MyPlate?

MyPlate Is Social

The hashtag for MyPlate's Birthday is #myplatebirthday and you can get in all the fun on MyPlate's Facebook page: http://facebook.com/myplate - view the other health partner's tweets at https://twitter.com/foodhealth/lists/hpmyplate


SuperTracker  is a free, interactive resource that helps people set up personalized nutrition and exercise plans that can improve health. Set up your own Food Plan today! Plus, SuperTracker's Food-A-Pedia offers nutrition information for a wide variety of foods -- everything from apples to pickled zucchini -- while its Weight Manager creates a space for recording and evaluating progress. It even offers data organization and reporting through its My Reports feature.

MyPlate Charts and Graphics

While the actual pictures of MyPlate don't include any information about empty calories, that doesn't mean that MyPlate isn't out to educate people about these foods to avoid. In fact, the MyPlate website now features a handy-dandy chart about empty calories. Looking for more nutrition information? Check out MyPlate's 10 Tips Nutrition Education Series. If visuals are more your thing, then MyPlate's Graphic Resources section may be the place for you. MyPlate is about much more than just a plate, though we must admit, that plate is pretty great.

More MyPlate Resources

Want to wish MyPlate a happy birthday? Now you can. While you're there, why not peruse MyPlate's celebration materials too? Plus, our Nutrition Education Store is filled with MyPlate resources. We have everything from games to posters to presentations. Check it out today!


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