Summer Fruit Dessert Presentation Tips

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Dessert Presentation Guide - 5 Ideas You Won't Want to Miss!

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about summer fruit! Our last post introduced seven AMAZING fresh fruit desserts, and today we'd like to continue that discussion with a guide to presentation. After all, if the food doesn't look delicious, it's a lot harder to convince people to give it a try. Follow these presentation tips for fruit desserts that will be sure to have your guests lining up for a taste.

  • Screen shot 2012 07 12 at 9.48.45 AM Summer Fruit Dessert Presentation TipsIt is all about the china. Don't be afraid to collect an assortment of dishes. For better portion control, focus on small to medium plates, cups, bowls, and glasses.
    • Collect mini sauce dishes from kitchen stores - they make great petite dessert dishes. AND you can use a different dish for every guest for a fun way to serve individualized desserts!
    • Use a variety of footed glasses, both tall and short. Wine glasses, champagne flutes, footed bowls and thin juice glasses work well.
    • Colorful plates add a serious "wow" factor. Use them for underliners to add more color, too.
    • White plates draw attention to the colors of the foods you're presenting. Plus, they're just plain elegant.
    • Glass bowls are especially good for layered desserts and various fruit assortments.
  • Try to garnish desserts using items that can be eaten and that add to the dish in some way. Mint, fruit zest, powdered sugar, and whipped  cream each bring their own tricks to the table.
    • When chopping mint, shred it very fine. That way, it can add a nice, fresh flavor that compliments the fruit it is accompanying. Plus, your guests might think whole mint pieces are too pretty to eat, and no one wants that.FHC0648s Summer Fruit Dessert Presentation Tips
    • Try citrus zest! Orange, lemon, and lime zest all add fantastic flavors and colors to a dish. There are a few ways to zest these fruits, so pick what works best for you and your dessert. Either grate the fruit's thin outer layer with a grater or microplane zester, or peel the fruit and slice the peels into long, thin strips.
    • Sprinkle a tiny layer of powdered sugar over your finished desserts. That delicate touch of sweetness may be what moves the dish from good to great. Just don't get too heavy-handed or the sugar might dominate the dish, which would not work out well for anyone. Cocoa powder is a great accent as well, and the two contrast very nicely.
    • Consider adding a dollop of whipped cream or nonfat yogurt for a simple and quick garnish. A single tablespoon of whipped cream has just 20 calories and is an especially great accompaniment for warm desserts.
  • Use baby food as a colorful fruit sauce. No really -- baby food! It's one of the best-kept secrets of delicious fruit toppings. The sauce is not too sweet, very colorful, and super smooth. What's not to love?
    • For best results, look for baby foods that come in pourable foil packets.FHC0681s Summer Fruit Dessert Presentation Tips
  • Do you have fruit that is past its prime? Cook it into a compote and use it to top pancakes, ice cream, or even a bowl of fresh fruit.
    • Never made compote before? Don't worry -- it's easy. Cut the fruit into bite-sized pieces, then toss it in a pot with a little water, a pinch of sugar, and a dash or two of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce to a simmer for about 10 minutes, then serve warm or refrigerate for another use. (You can also use the microwave.)
  •  Coloris important. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various combinations of colorful fruits.
    • For example, blueberries look great with peaches; kiwi complements watermelon perfectly;

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