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How can you climb a tree without any energy?Nutrition Month can be fun for the whole family! Don't leave kids out of the loop -- these lessons are important for them too. To help with that idea, and to get you one last resource before Nutrition Month officially begins, today we bring you a wonderful free handout! It offers a perfect way to introduce important information about nutrition.

Check out the preview below, then scroll down to download the PDF for yourself!

What Makes You Strong?

If you want to be healthy and have the energy for all your favorite games and activities, then you need to eat food that is good for you and that will make you strong. How can you tell which foods will do the job? Check out this handy guide!

Does It Have Nutrients?

Nutrients exist in many foods. We need nutrients to survive. Vitamins and minerals are both nutrients, and both are key to growing up strong and healthy. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy are all chock-full of nutrients. For example, milk is full of calcium and often has vitamin D as well. Both of these are nutrients, and your body needs them to make your bones strong.

Does It Have Fiber?

Fiber is in fruits and vegetables, as well as many whole grains. It makes you feel full and helps your digestive system work normally. Beans have a lot of fiber, and so does brown rice. You could make an awesome rice bowl filled with brown rice, beans, salsa, and vegetables! They all have tons of fiber.

Playing outside is a great way to get some exerciseDoes It Skip or Limit “Bad for Me” Foods?

Some foods aren’t helpful when it comes to growing up healthy. Lots of kids eat too many “empty calories.” Empty calories are calories that don’t have any nutrients. They can even make you gain weight. Don’t eat very much sugar -- sugar is jam-packed with empty calories. Plus, it messes with your blood sugar, which could leave you full of energy one minute, and totally tired out the next.

Another “bad for me” food to skip is saturated fat. Saturated fat is bad for you, especially for your heart. You’ll find it in animal products like butter and meat, and it’s often solid at room temperature. Trans fat is yet another “bad for me” food that you should avoid. It’s often in store-bought baked goods and crackers, along with margarine.

So, How Can I Eat Right?

The best way to eat right is to eat small portions of lots of different foods. Choose tons of colorful vegetables and fruits, then fill the rest of your plate with a little lean protein (like chicken breast or beans), a little nonfat dairy (like skim milk or fat-free yogurt) and a few whole grains (like brown rice and wheat bread).

Like what you see? Download the handout for free! And if you'd like to see more great resources like this one, visit the Nutrition Education Store today! It's packed with amazing nutrition education materials. In the meantime, here is a small sample of our most popular resources for kids...

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